Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

Sunday Jam - 13. Dezember
Hey lovely People !
It feels so looong since the last time !
Leeeets haaaaveeee cosy session again ! Its time !!!
ENTRY 19:00
On Turntables: Olinclusive
Bring your friends and instruments !
Entry: 4€
SUNDAY JAM is an open jam-session. Every month there is a „starring band“ as an opening act. Here, we try to cover a wide spectrum of language, culture and genre to bring all kinds of social groups together. After that everyone is free to go on stage and musicians can follow their passion and make music together. The jam-session is accompanied by a DJ, to cover a genre for each and everyone. We see SUNDAY JAM as an opportunity to bring especially the youth closer to music and give them a chance to discover their talents in an easy and unforced atmosphere.
let love rule
Phillip & Markus